About Scott D. Hughes

I am a sole practitioner with over 29 years experience in bankruptcy and foreclosures. I passed the California Bar Exam in June 1986 when only 28.3 percent of those taking the exam passed. I worked as an associate attorney and as a trustee sale auctioneer for different law firms from 1986-1990 representing Foreclosure Companies and lenders. I was a bankruptcy attorney for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for 5 years from 1990-1995. I collected over 14 million dollars for taxpayer depositors from bankrupt debtors who had loans with closed Banks and Savings and Loans. In 1996 I opened this law firm in Laguna Niguel and relocated to Roseville in 2003.

Because I do not have a staff, I do all the work myself. All of your paperwork is always prepared by an attorney. I am the one who will go to court with you, not someone who has never met you before and never seen your file before. I pride myself on personal service and I am always easy to contact because I answer my own phone. The calls are forwarded to my cell phone 24 hours a day. I also respond to e-mail questions and provide e-mail as a way to review and sign forms 24 hours a day. Most bankruptcy forms can be received, signed and returned by fax or e-mail in one day for your convenience.

I will take payments to file a Chapter 13. Many attorneys want the entire fee up front. I will take part of the fees up front and take the rest of the fees over the life of your Chapter 13 payment plan.

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